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Paid for by People for Halle Quezada. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website (www.elections.il.gov) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois

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What does it look like to engage constituents as a committeeperson?

It means, educating and energizing.

This isn't just about me, it is about us.

Whether you choose to make some calls, knock on doors, or host a party for our campaign, I want to hear what issues matter to you and help provide literature so you can inform others not only about me but also about the Fair Tax Amendment, affordable housing, how to register to vote, and more. 

I'm ready to get to work for important change in the 50th. 


Will you join me? 

What led Cassandra to join the team? 

I joined the team because I've seen the way Halle organizes to fight for our community. Whether it's creating the Alliance for Waterfront Safety, starting the Friends of the Northtown Library, or joining the leadership team for the 50th Ward Action Network, Halle has helped to organize to ensure community needs are being heard and met.  I am incredibly proud to volunteer for someone who uses her time to advocate for fixing problems in our community.  


of the


Cassandra Kaczocha

Cassandra has lived in the ward for six years with her husband and two kids. Seeing the disrepair at her kids' local elementary school playground spurred Cassandra to get more involved in ward-level politics.  Cassandra organized schools with broken playgrounds from around Chicago to bring attention to unsafe conditions at CPS playgrounds across the City. 

What's Cassandra's 

#1 issue?

Independent governing bodies acting as checks and balances. 

Our government is set up with layers to ensure that each layer provides a check on others and that communities can hold our elected officials accountable with our votes.  When elected officials hold multiple positions in government, they can use incumbency and campaign finance to avoid being the independent check voters want.  We deserve elected officials who will challenge other elected officials to ensure community needs and not cronyism are the priority.

Previous Volunteers of the Month

Marge Argyelan


What lead her to join the team?

As someone who believes in small, local government being the catalyst for change, it is important to have leaders who take their position seriously.  I am proud  to volunteer for someone who exhibits both integrity and commitment to our community and local process.  

Veronica I Arreola


Having raised her daughter in the community, Veronica knows the importance of active and engaged leadership. She is excited to volunteer to elect someone who will focus on building connections in the district.

What lead her to join the team?

Mary Difino

Campaign Manager


What lead her to join the team?

Mary feels that the Democratic Party at large does not currently reflect the values of working class people. It's time we elect leaders who are connected to their communities and understand the challenges facing everyday people. Who better to do that than a public school teacher?