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A note from  Halle  

Friends and Neighbors, 

      We lost the election for 50th Ward Democratic Committeeperson and the data so far is so interesting! We will wait for mail-in ballots to be counted and then share the breakdown with you all.

      While we have lost this election, but we also know that we have won so much! We had over 50 volunteers and remarkable energy from constituents who showed up to vote for us even though we were newcomers to the political scene and the primaries were held under such unprecedented conditions. There have just been so many wonderful people and conversations that make every long night of knocking very much worth it. We were able to educate many on the position of committeeperson, one that for years has been stale in our ward, and our work is far from over.

      As a working mom with two young kids, I really thought I needed a village to run, but how lucky am I that, through running, I found my village! I am forever grateful to each and every one of you.

     We will be updating soon with our next steps for organizing, including a breakdown of the Illinois primary and an inside look at all the ways the party perpetuates itself—from endorsements to the influence of money, to what it takes to have political courage.

     And for what it’s worth, other notable losses include:

1. My first tooth
2. My first driver’s test
3. My first organic chemistry test

     Yet, I now have plenty of teeth, a driver’s license, and an advanced degree. 

Stay tuned for next steps as we continue to build on what we have started and once again, thank you!

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Without fanfare or accolades, Halle gets things done in a thorough, thoughtful, and evidence-based manner. She is that unique citizen who, despite being incredibly busy, always seems to make time to do ‘one more thing’. She is a heart and soul teacher and civil servant.

—  Noa Padowitz, LCSW, MSW, MA.Ed.

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